Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pasar nelayan pantai kempadang , kuantan

The definition of fresh fish might differ from one place to the other . In KL , the fish that you would normally buy in pasar malam could be fresh by your standard but rotten by the east coast standard.In the east coast , fresh literally meant just recently caught 30 minutes ago.Located not far from tanjung sepat ,pantai kempadang is the quintessential fisherman market.

From afar you could see fishermen queing while waiting for their boat to be haul up ashore. Previously the process of hauling up the boat was done by buffalos but it had since been replace by a diesel engine.You could see people jostling around once the firshermen unload their day catch.The fish that was sold here were fresh and cheap.Do drop by if you are in kuantan but make sure that your timing coincide with the tide or you will be dissapointed.

boat queing while waiting to be haul up

diesel engine was use instead of buffalo in the old days

unloading process starts

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  1. This is what we called fresh.... Best!

  2. agree with you , fresher than that it must be alve