Saturday, May 05, 2012

satar pak soh , kuantan

Satar is a type of snack food made from a mixture of fish , ginger , chilli and coconut.These mixture is then wrapped using a banana leaf into a pryramidal shape and then grilled over medium's a specialty food from kuantan and terengganu but i was told that it was originally originated from terengganu.

The best Satar so far must be Satar Pak Soh in kuantan.The satar texture is moist , sweet , spicy and creamy . The fish is fresh and for me it contain the right mixture of fish , chilli and coconut.It cost me 50 cents per piece and it could be consider a bit expensive compare to satar in other stall in kuantan but quality come with a price and i don't mind paying extra for it.
This stall is located by the roadside in tanjung lumpur and located not far from the junction heading towards Ana ikan bakar petai.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I still think the best Satar is still in Kemaman. You should go and try.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Totally agree. Pak Soh's is still the best. 2nd option could be Pak Din's, alittle bit further up from Pak Soh.

  3. pak idrus - thank you for the info , can i have the name of the stall ? will drop by and blog about it

  4. aziale - i notice pak din stall a bit further from pak soh stall but the local speak highly about pak soh stall but thank for the suggestion