Sunday, October 28, 2012

The dolphin of Pulau Aman , Penang

As a kid growing up in penang , my late grandfather used to tell me story about frequent sighting of dolphin in penang . He used to told me that dolphin was quite common in the straits of penang in the 20’s to 50’s.I also remember him telling me how easy it was to spot turtle laying eggs at the beach . The most shocking things that he told me was the existence of crocodile inhabiting one of the estuary in bayan baru . Now the estuary had been replaced by a very big drain with a very foul stench of chemical waste from the nearby factory .

 My late grandfather was born in penang in the early 20’s and from the early photograph of penang taken by him I could see that there is a significant different of penang back then compare to now . Penang back then was full with greenery and muddy beach around jelutong(where my grandfather grew up) back then was filled with white sandy beach .  I guess in future my grandchildren will be listening in disbelief that the area where their mom grew up used to be an area where TAPIR could be sighted roaming in the early hours by the roadside . There used to be road sign warning about tapir erected by the roadside but the tapir was long gone due to rapid development and I guess it was nearly impossible to see one . The last sighting of tapir which I had heard of was nearly 6 years back.

I was on my was to Pulau Aman in penang via boat from jetty batu musang when we encounter a school of dolphin from a distance of nearly 800meters from our boat . Being a smart and inquisitive creature , they start making their way to our boat and playfully circling our boat . Our boatmen was sporting enough to stop our boat to let the passenger marvel at the mammals. A journey of 15 minutes to pulau aman took us 40 minutes .   This is my first experience seeing a live dolphin in close up in penang , I guess most of you won’t believe my story if I don’t have a photo to prove it .Lucky I always bring my camera wherever I go and the below photo are the living proof of the existence of dolphin in Penang.I will blog about the attractions of pulau aman in my later post.




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