Thursday, October 25, 2012

The White temple of chiang Rai-wat rhong khun

I had a chance to backpack in thailand recently . Honestly it was not backpack in a true sense as i had stayed in a 4 star hotel while in chiang mai .I was travelling alone via land from bangkok and along the way i had met a few interesting character with a different perspective about life.Met a man from slovenia who had been travelling alone around the globe doing volunteer works and finance his travel  through doing part time teaching english.Also i met a couple from france who are very friendly but have a very negative perception about islam and malaysia in general . I really love backpacking , it's by backpacking especially when you're travelling alone that you really push yourself to the limit , out there in a foreign country you have to be street smart to survive and to find your own way to the destination .its really and adrenalin rush for me and i guess i'm addicted to it , the only problem is time.
From chiang mai , i continue my journey to the golden triangle and enroute we had stop at the white temple of chiang rai - wat rong khun.It was located around 18 km from the town of chiang rai . The temple was very white and unlike other temple which i had visited , it had an element of contemporary design in it.The White Temple is a contemporary Buddhist and Hindu temple designed by Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat in 1997, although construction is still ongoing in the extensive complex. It is one of the most extraordinary temples i have ever see – extravagant, ornate and blindingly white.
what impress me the most is the toilet , i would say that it's the cleanest toilet in the world . It's so darn clean that You could literally sleep in it.

 the toilet


  1. Bacpacking is the best choice to know places.

  2. Yes indeed. In my youth I did a bit of it while in Europe and did enjoy it.

    Have a nice day.

  3. pak idrus , i guess you must be an adventerous lot when you're my age . i guess we have a lot in common .