Friday, November 16, 2012

Family Outing at Zoo Negara

Family outing at zoo negara.Nothing much to tell , enjoy the photo

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

white water rafting at Slim River with TEMOKIN VILA JELAS

To tell you the truth , i don't know what to expect when my buddy invite me to join his company white water rafting expedition in Slim river.I must admit being an adrenaline junky myself i had always wanted to 'cruise' down the rapids smoothly.

I was told to assemble in Rawang and from there  around 30-40 of his office mate will join us to a campsite in slim river where we will then be transported via 4wd to the starting point of our expedition.The only way to the starting point is via 4wd and the journey itself is an adventure of its own.

Before we start , our skipper conducted a basic safety briefing as there were risk associated with rafting and we ought to get ourselves prepared for any eventualities.We were told that the chances of going overboard is 50-50 but the main thing was not to panic and practice what had been instructed earlier.We were subdivided into 7 group with an average of 6 participant per raft . The raft itself was made of tough inflatable rubber but it did cross my mind wheter it could withstand the impact on the jagged rock.

The thunderous sound of the rapids grew stronger as we walk towards our designated raft .Myself was part of raft 2 consisting of 2 navigator and 4 participant . The navigator was an orang asli with a tough built which i suspect from years of paddling experience which signify that the journey ahead is not as simple as i predict.

Immediately we launch ourself towards the fast rapids with our skipper giving simple instruction like foward or back paddle.Most of us were novice and i could see the initial confusion within our team mate when our skipper instruct us to regroup either to the left or right . Paddling was simple enough but it really was the navigator who are really in control of the boat.

The climax of the trips is when we have to pass through an 8 foot waterfall in front of us .Before passing through the waterfall our skipper conducted another refresher course on what to do as the danger and the risk were very real . After my teammates gave an unconvincing nod that they were ready , my skipper slowly navigate our raft through the waterfall .Our raft made a direct impact towards the huge boulder infront of us.I could clearly see the panic stricken faces of my teammates upon impact and it had caused us to be pushed to the front portion of the raft.A few second later , i could feel hot water trickling inside my pants.I can honestly say that i did not peed and i'm also not sure the source of the trickling hot water .There are certain mystery in the universe which will remain unsolved and i guess this is one of it , he he.

Halfway , we stop for a light snack before continuing further downs . After nearly 2.5 hours the journey finally come to an end and with a heavy heart i had to admit that the exciting adventure will come to an end.

This activity is a must if you want to forget about your problem as i can assure you that its a 100% stress buster , guaranteed or your money back.If you ask me whether i would do this again , my answer is a big YES!!!.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my buddy , Ainisyarudin and his company Temokin Vila Jelas for inviting me to participate in this adventure . Thank you again.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Photo Hunting - Bagan Nakhoda Omar

Enjoy the photo of my recent photo hunting in Bagan Nakhoda Omar , Selangor.

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