Saturday, December 15, 2012

Muar River Cruise

My family love Muar , in fact within the span of 2 month we had spent the night twice at the local hotel there . What we like about Muar is the high concentration of good food within such a small area . Besides good food , muar is also famous for its river cruise.The cruise was reasonably price at RM 10 per adult with a journey spanning 45 minutes from tanjung emas to sabak aur and back . The boat itself is quite unique and sturdy . I was told that it was made from cengal wood which will cost a bomb.
The scenery along the river is not bad also as the waterfront area is full of historical building which had been preserved to its pristine condition.


jetty tanjung mas - the starting point of the cruise


  1. 7 years ago, the boat was not this fancy. It was the most basic longboat without any hood. Pergh...berasap okeyhh... But, having to know this development, we might come back. TQ Xplorers