Friday, April 05, 2013

Ikan Arrowana masak lemak

Arrowana is arguably one of the most expensive fish in the world . An adult golden crossback variant could cost you close to RM20k while the silver variant as per the below pic would cost around RM1k.My dad was cleaning the fishing pond one day when we notice the fish start to "pening2 lalat".We had done our best trying to revive the fish but failed .Being Xplorer , i need to try everything at least once. I decided to clean and cook the fish . The fish weigh around 7 kilo and it has a very smooth and greasy texture similar to ikan patin .
We decided to cooked it MASAK LEMAK style . Suprising it tasted really good and have some similarity with  GROUPER fish.Another first for Xplorer.



  1. wow! den nunggu je nih bilo agaknyo ekau nak ajak den nih makan kek umah ekau nih... haishhhhhh......

    yang ataih gambar gulai tu, telur dia ka? hang pa buat apa dengan telur tu?

  2. eden tak masak KEK , he he. yup telur dia , tapi belum masak laie

  3. Hahahha...u really cooked it. Hahahhaha. Once, our fish in office aquarium has the same symptom with ur arowana. It's actually the normal ikan kaloi. Our late tea lady cooked it masak lemak as well. Yummy...but most of the employees were reluctant to eat it because they thought they have bonding with the fish. Does that mean we are heartless?

  4. aziela - no i don't think so. for me it's a waste just to throw the fish just like that