Monday, May 06, 2013

Restoran Ratha , kari kepala ikan Raub

Good things will only come to people who search for it. Well this is very true for my case when i drove 2 hours to sample the famous Raub fish head curry.Strange enough , i got to know about this place from a blogger friend of mine who is a 'mat salleh' and after googling around this place is actually quite famous .The sultan of pahang frequented this place and it's almost a sure indication that this place must be very special.
We opted the longer route to raub via fraser hill and after 2.5 hours of driving we reach the small town of raub.In comparison Raub is just a small town , as big as sg buloh and you can see the restaurant clearly on your left as you enter the town from bentong direction.
The restaurant is quite small but the abundance of newspaper clippings and photos of VVIP around the shop is a clear indication of something special.
We ordered the fish head curry (around rm 45 ) and true enough it's just out of this world.The gravy is very thick with a strong curry and coconut milk flavour.Everything is in proportion , the amount of spice , coconut , fish flavour and etc. I had been to alot of famous places claiming to serve the best curry but nothing come close to this place.the whole family really enjoy the curry and i could see my family including myself slurping the gravy as it was a chicken soup.I gave a double thumbs up for this place , infact i had already been there twice in a span of 1 month . he he.

Restoran Ratha
No. 82, Jalan Tun Razak,
27600 Raub,
Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: 09-3561651 / 019- 930 5577


  1. salam..
    kedai ni yang betul2 kat depan corner nak masuk pekan tu kan, kalau kita datang dari bentong?
    boleh singgah lain kali..
    thanks for sharing.

  2. yup btul . mmg sedap kedai ni

  3. Macam best nak try restoran ni... tapi kat Raub tu.. tak tahu bila boleh jejak kaki kat sana..
    tapi akan letak dalam bucket list kalau berkunjung ke sana.. :D

  4. Kepala ikan yang nikmat. :)