Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Train ride from bangkok to chiang mai

I had travel extensively all over thailand via train previously but unfortunately most of it was done before blogging exist.Previously i do not document my travel and photography was at a minimum as to develop a photo is quite expensive .I really dreaded not documenting my travel as i had forgotted all the fine detail of my travel.
Due to shortage of time i took a morning flight to bangkok straight away went to hualomphong train station to purchase my train ticket to chiang mai . I was told by the attendant that he recommend the 1935hrs  train as it was more comfortable and most of the tourist prefer this train . True enough , 95% of the passengger was mat salleh .
The train ride was smooth and quite relaxing actually . The rocking motion of the train act as a lullaby and i feel as if i'm in a baby crib. The most amazing part of the trip is when the train run alongside fast rapids , i was told by the train conductor that giant mahseer is abundant in this area and it's a popular fishing area for locals.The train traverse vast area of paddy fields,almost hours and hours of paddy field.I was told initially that the train journey will took 13 hours but it end out taking 16 hours.
All in all travelling via train in thailand is very safe and i would recommend it to everybody to try it at least once.
Hualomphong train station
4 hours before reaching chiang mai
sleeper cabin :at night they will convert to sleeping area
chiang mai train station


  1. Thanks for sharing. BTW is this a new trip. Have a nice day.

  2. train-ride is my new addiction.thank you for sharing! ;)

  3. Wow...u really went for it. Is it safe for Muslim ladies? Men shouldn't attract curiosity and attention, but ladies with hijab could possibly make a different in their views...

  4. pun merancang ke Chiangmai dari hadyai bln 12 nanti.

  5. Waa.. hebat 16 hours still okay with comfortable place you get..
    really something that i would like to try.. :D
    Salam kenal dari saya :D - Nice Blog