Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scuba Diving Port Dickson

Almost every diver i met had been to pulau perhentian or pulau tioman at least once . But not many people/diver realized that port dickson had its own divesite , four dive site to be precise. I had been to 3 of them and its not that bad actually.Yes , you cant compare them with the island in the east coast but considering that its open all year round and just an hour drive from KL makes it a good alternative for divers "yang dah gian n kemaruk sangat". he he. 

During my ascent at the end of my dive i saw an adult turtle surfacing for a short period of time to breathe , sadly it was too brief that i didn't have the chance to shoot it.Will definitely dive again n again in PD.

location:blue lagoon,port dickson

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scuba Diving Balok , Kuantan

I was greeted with disbelief when i invited my diving buddy to balok for scuba diving . Most of them never heard of such dive site and advise me against it . Furthermore , they told me the visibility of the the waters in kuantan is very bad and some said that it was polluted.

I was determine as ever , I need to check it for myself and do my own assesment . The divemaster was very frank with me , the diving condition in balok is unpredictable and the current tend to be very strong . They advise divers to have a minimum of 30 logged dive to be able to dive in balok.  

We head out to our first dive site in Batu Muduk , about 30 minute boat ride from Jeti Nelayan Balok . True enough the current was very strong and we were advise to immediately descent to the bottom once we had done our back flip from the boat . Due to the strong current , we have to made our descent and ascent via an anchor line .I had never expected the current to be that strong and i was unprepared . We descended to a depth of 20m and luckily at a depth of 15 meters the current subsided and it was actually calm at the bottom and visibility was more than 15 m.

We did our surface interval around 45 minutes and our second dive site was Tukun Pok Teh . The current was equally strong also .Unlike the first site , tukun pokteh is an artifical reef created by old discarded tyre. Due to the short surface interval , i had exceeded my NDL at 20m and i had to do a decompression safety stop for a period of 8 minutes.

Overall experience:
Balok is awsome , vis was very good . Wildlife was aplenty but definitely not for novice divers.

Dive site
1)Batu Muduk
2)Tukun Pok Teh

Depth: 20m