Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm sick

I have a mild fever , sore throat , cough and flu since i came back from London . Initially i thought that it was just a normal fever but up until now i still haven't recover from my fever.I had decided to do a full medical check up this morning at Selangor Specialist Center in Shah Alam just to clear up the possibility of contracting swine flu during my travel in london.
Alhamdulillah , everything is ok , the doctor confirm that i didn't have swine flu but it was just a normal viral fever.Need to get a lot of rest...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My dream bike-kawasaki er-6n

This is my dream bike , Kawasaki er-6n and it cost RM 30k++.I could just imagine myself riding this bike xploring every nook and cranny in malaysia.I had always love xploring via a bike because you feel yourself at one with the road and furthermore you can stop anywhere in a haste to sample the street food without worrying to find the next available carpark.

During my university days i had travel using my Honda ex-5 motorbike and i always get this rush whenever i xplored a new area . I didn't have any money back then and sometime i travel with only RM 10 inside my pocket for fuel.Coming from a simple family background we never had any holiday escapade and hence i learn to view thing differently and i found out that you don't have to go to popular destination or going as far away as possible to enjoy your holiday.

A visit to the nearby village is as interesting as going to europe if you change your perception and expectation . You'll be suprise how abundance and diverse malaysia really was just by viewing things differently.

I had been to interesting places all over the world but nothing beat Malaysia.I love my country.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malaysia Airlines First Class Cabin

I had traveled first class on my recent trip to London.Overall i'm impressed with the level of service that was provided by the cabin crew , they really pampered you with their service and the choice of food was amazing.I had caviar as an appetizer , grilled king prawn for lunch , lobster for supper and other small-small item between meals.

There i was at London heathrow terminal waiting in line with other first class passenger waiting to board the aircraft , I could heard the stewardess greeting and addressing the passenger by their title.The first passenger to board the plane was Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen and his wife and this was followed by Tan Sri with his family(can't remember his name) and then it was my turn and i said to myself maybe i should introduce myself as Dato Xplorer , he he.I feel myself like a bigshot travelling first class with all these VVIP.I feel myself literally on air as if i got a million dollar stash away in some foreign bank .

I walk with pride and style as the aircraft landed and as i was walking out from the the terminal building i had stopped by at one of the luxury watch shop.Wearing a complete suit and furthermore with a first class passenger tagged nicely at my luggage i feel that i need to buy a new Breitling watch.The price tag for a new Breitling watch was RM14000 , at that very moment money was no object and sense of style must come first . Furthermore i remember vaguely that i got 1 million dollar stash away in a foreign bank.I had paid RM30000 for my air ticket, RM 14000 is nothing to me .

I took out my wallet as if i'm about to pay , then reality sets in.Inside my wallet there was RM 10 and 50 pound sterling.For a very odd reason i suddenly cannot remember where i stash away my million dollar, furthermore things started to click inside my mind one by one for e.g the suit i'm wearing is not mine (borrowed from my father as it was too expensive to buy) , my credit card had maxxed out,i didn't pay for my flight ticket , need to pay the money that i borrowed and etc .Haaaiiiiiiyaaaaa!!!! , i'm actually broke.

I walk out slowly from the shop with my head down but its nice to have that piece of memory on the bigshot way of life.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


eye of london
strolling along the river Thames

I had just arrived from london , my flight landed KLIA at 5.20 pm.I suppose to come back last saturday but had been resceduled to today .

Just hours before I was in Westminister strolling along the Thames River with a view of Big Ben and the Parliment House in front of me.Walking alone , I sat on one of the benches while watching a group of busker busking their talent.Wow!! some of then really got talent and I do enjoy some of the show.The temparature in London was lovely at 21'C.Sitting there alone with my thought , with the chilly gentle breeze gushing through my body , i really wish that my wife and daughter was here.I really missed them alot.Your are in a midst of a crowd and yet you feel yourself alone and lonely , can't wait to get back home as my wife had told me that our daughter had started "meniarap"(can somebody translate this for me).

I didn't have much time in London , the only sightseeing that i had done was just hours before my departure in westminister.London was literally littered with malaysian.Everywhere i go , there was a 80% chance of bumping into another fellow malaysian.London got this charm which i can't quite explain but as a Malaysian travelling alone I do feel at ease with myself compare if i travelled alone in other european country.Maybe this sense of belonging which had attracted visitors especially from Malaysia.

parliment house
Big Ben
At heathrow departure hall

Buskers-street performer

cromwell road - my apartment is located at the far end of the road
METRO TRAIN at Earl court station
view of tower bridge from above
I had Lobster for supper onboard flight
King prawn for lunch onboard flight
1st class cabin-the seat can be fully reclined and got massaging action

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip to London

I will be going to London this wednesday for a short business trip.Looking at the tight schedule in london , i believe there is not much time for sightseeing.I had been to london last christmas and i believe that i had covered all the must visit destination in london.Honestly i don't want to go to london as i will miss my daughter so much.Will update later on my london trip.See you all again later this saturday.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

It was a very depressing week for me , everything doesn't go as plan .But then again that's life , you can't expect everything to go on a monotonous tone,you need a varied tone to create a melody .Previously my life had been like a roller coaster ride , you see the thrill and danger ahead of you , you want to get out from it but you can't as you are stuck on the rail cart and the only way out is foward towards the drop zone.As you inch towards the drop zone you feel your heart thumps stronger and stronger and then the excitement begun and you feel that you had overcome a great obstacle .

Ironically life is more than just a simple roller coaster ride but it has the characteristic of a roller coster ride which will then ramified into a different plot based on our action.Literally we were just a grape juice when we were born , our action will determine wheter we are a vinegar or a wine later on.

P.S- i sounded like a very old person mumbling and musing about life

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Like father like daughter

This picture was taken by my wife yesterday, she was amused to the fact that i had fallen asleep while surfing the net and coincidently in the same sleeping position as my daughter.Bak kata pepatah - ANAK AYAH!!! (daddy daughter) , ha ha ha

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The repair works

Technician from TNB came at 12.45am and 2 more backup team arrived at 2 am.Power restored to my house at 2.15 am.According to one of the technician , the power failure is due to the faulty cable connector at one of the pole in front of my house.Kudos to TNB for their fast response and for providing response around the clock.

Blogging under the stars - power failure

The time now is almost midnight and i still can't sleep.My house was partially blackout(lucky that my laptop was fully charge) and currently was still waiting for the TNB technician to come and fix it.Currently blogging under the stars outside,i had noticed the full bright moon shine directly on top of my house and decided to take a picture of it, lovely.With the wind carressing smoothly at my body , i didn't realised blogging outside under the stars was so relaxing .At times like this i feel a bit poetic but too bad my english was a bit hampeh!! and i end up writing-erasing-writing-erasing-writing-erasing all the poetic manifestation in this blog entry.
I heard my baby crying inside , need to go inside for a nappy change.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Restoran Din Ikan Bakar(grilled fish restaurant)

fish roe curry

Looking at the picture below had rekindled my fond memories of ikan bakar.The alluring sight of the voluptous XXXL size tiger prawn (i didn't know that tiger prawn could grow that big) and the smell of grill fish , BBQed beef , squid and chicken , writing about this entry is enough to make my mouth waters again and the best thing is , it is very cheap. I took 4 nos of the XXXL prawn , beef soup , BBQ beef , squid , fish roe curry , banana trunk curry , drinks and a few other stuff which i can't recall and it only cost me RM 99 only (for 4 person lunch).

Restoran ikan bakar Din is located in Kepala Batas and located not far from kepala batas town.Just follow the old trunk road towards sungai petani from kepala batas and you will find the stall on your right beside the old trunk road, alternatively go to kepala batas and ask for direction as it was quite well known to folk in kepala batas.

What i like about this restaurant is the authentic traditional malay dishes that you could find nowhere else .Where else you can find banana trunk curry , grilled cow tung , variety of ULAM which i had never heard of all my life and all other stuff which are alien to me . Looking at the variety of food is just enough to gets your mood going and i do recomment this restaurant to all .

Overall rating = A

location = lot 6735 , Jalan Butterworth , Kepala Batas, Penang.

XXXL size tiger prawn (just look at the size of the man arm

and compare it with the prawn size and you will

get an idea how big the prawn really was)
buffet styled - just pick n choose

banana trunk curry

another satisfied customer