Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pantai Rantau Abang , Terengganu

Picture taken during my last trip to Kuala Terengganu

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CRASH..... Data recovery failed

My laptop had crashed causing some of the picture that i took on my recent trip to pahang and other picture to be lost . I had sent the harddisk to one of the computer shop in subang parade but was still unable to recover the data.Anybody have any suggestion on how to recover my harddisk data please drop a comment as i'm desperately in need of your assistance. Must recover the data or the memory will lost forever.Do help!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pekan Sari Temerloh

fresh ikan patin (you can find ikan patin almost
everywhere in temerloh)

buffalo meat , common sight in temerloh

my wife relaxing with jr
ikan tilan
ikan salai
ikan seluang(in KL this
fish is being used to feed other large predatory fish)
ikan ubi (center picture)

ikan kalui(inside the bucket) and ikan seluang

ikan baung

"Tangkap gambor sokmo, pagi tadi pun dah ado ore tangkap gambo"- that was the reaction that i got from a makcik when i shoot her photo. I kept saying to myself that i need to be "muka tembok" in order to do street photography but to overcome the the big shyness in me ( in direct translation - "kemaluan besar" ) i feel that it was very-very difficult . If you see my photo below you will see that most of the photo is taken from a distance and the face of the subject is away from the lense. Street photography require some skills and good PR , you need to approach the subject and skillfully strike a light conversation with the subject and the rest is history . Will continue to improve my skill in the art of street photgraphy.

The location of my hotel is very close to the pekan sari , approximately 250m in distance . You can just walk from the hotel . The atmosphere there is quite hectic with the buyer and seller haggling with each other to agree on a price , people from across the river alighting from the bot penambang and the numerous small stall which were setup at the road kerb where local were having their cup of teh tarik for breakfast.The variety of item which were on sale here is truely sensory overload for me.So far in my travel i believe Pekan Sari Temerloh is the closest that you can get to an authentic traditional farmers market(with the exception of farmers market in sabah n sarawak) .But if you believe otherwise , do give me suggestion on other location as i would like to check it out myself.

The variety of freshwater fish is also beyond expectation and i had fun in identifying most of them. In fact some of the fish on sale you can only find it in a pet store or exotic restaurant in KL . Some of the fish which are truely alien to me are ikan tilan and ikan ubi .

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sungai Pahang , Temerloh

Pahang River

I had just came back from temerloh , Pahang . Overall i'm quite satisfied with this trip as i had found a lot of interesting things in temerloh. Majority of it could be consider common to the temerloh people but alien to city folk like me . In a nutshell , it was sensory overload for me in Pekan Sari Temerloh . I feel like buying everything which is alien to me . I'm just too tired to elaborate further about my trip.Maybe in the next few days i will wrote more about my journey.As for now enjoy the picture that i took on Sungai Pahang , Temerloh.
Semantan river
This is where Semantan and Pahang river met.
Pekan Sari Temerloh start here at the river bank on the left hand side.

Bot penambang , mostly being used by the local to commute from either side of the river

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Activity for this weekend - Temerloh and Kuala Gandah

I will be going to Temerloh this weekend to visit the famous Pekan Sari Temerloh ( some sort of farmers market) . I had heard a lot of stories about this market and was tempted to check it out myself.I was advised by my friend to bring along an icebox because there are alot of fresh freshwater fish and most of the species can't be found anywhere especially in KL.The most interesting part of this market is it is located along the temerloh river which make it interesting .I bet there will be alot of photography opportunity.Unfortunately i'm not good at street photography and there is abig possibility that i will only be using my compact camera because i had to carry my baby.Having a bulky SLR on that day will limit my movement. I bet if MYLO (from MYLOISMYLIFE.BLOGSPOT.COM)was here , he would be able to capture the essence of this market.
Enroute i will visit Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary and iwill be spending the night in Hotel Seri Malaysia Temerloh. I'm not sure what else is there in Temerloh but i'm quite excited about this trip especially when i heard about the exotic fresh water fish. I love identifying species of fish which is unknown to me and that's the reason i love to go to the market.
Wait for my posting next week.
adios amigos

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pagar Ruyung Palace(Istano Basa) , Padang , Indonesia

Our taxi driver/tour guide in Padang ,
i wonder what happen to him after the recent earth quake

This picture was take in 2006 during my first trip to padang.I wonder the present condition of Padang after the recent eartquake , it must have dramatically change the landscape.

Istana Pagaruyung is also known as Istano Basa is located in Batusangkar , Padang , Indonesia.The existing palace was actually a replica of the original palace which is located at Batu Patah which was burnt in 1804 during a bloody riot.It was rebuilt but was burnt again in 1966.
The existing replica was built in 1976.The interior and the exterior layout of this building have similarity to Istana Lama Seri Menanti , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Summer palace , beijing

Summer palace ni sebenarnya tempat singgahsana maharaja cina ketika musim bunga.Keluasan kawasan istana ini ialah 2.9KM persegi . Daripada keseluruhan kawasan ini 3/4 daripadanya terdiri daripada tasik.Berada di kawasan ini seolah-olah seperti berada di zaman dahulu sebab senibina kawasan istana masih terpelihara dengan elok sekali . Kalau pergi ke summer palace dan hendak menghayati sejarahnya memerlukan masa yang agak panjang jugak sebab tempat ni mmg kaya dengan sejarah.Di samping menjadi tempat tumpuan pelancong , tempat ni juga menjadi tempat rekreasi bagi warga cina dan yang menariknya ketika musim sejuk , tasik Kunming membeku sepenuhnya dan menjadi tempat bermain ice skating.

For me summer palace is one of those places that you must visit before you die.Being there personally i feel awed with its rich history and its grandeur.Every inch of it is full of history.

marble boat
kunming lake
my wife

longevity hill
my wife

Some people are just lucky

I had lunch at one of the mamak stall in subang just now . Sitting beside me was one indonesian girl with her small baby .I assume that the baby was about my daughter age judging from her size.I could see sweat everywhere and the mother face look a bit pale and tired . She was having her lunch with just plain rice and some curry with nothing else .At the same time i could also see her feeding her child with plain mash rice from her plate.After a quick lunch she quickly went her way with her baby in her left arm and a small bag in a right arm . The world and everything around her seems to go in an opposite direction .Every single moment is a struggle for survival.
Seeing her with her baby , reminded me of xplorer jr at home . Alhamdulillah , my family don't have to endure such hardship . I had try as much as possible giving the best milk , the best baby food and the almost the best of everything . But is it good enough by just giving all that . My thought fly away back and forth to the past , present and at the same time trying to paint the picture of the possible future . The past relates to my own childhood and they way i was brought up . The present relates to my present self on what i had become through past experience and the future relates to my daughter future on the possible outcome if i inculcates all the good value that i had learn.
I had endure hardship before and there is a big possibility that my daughter will not endure the same hardship that i had endure . I don't want my daughter to be a spoiled brat. I need to simulate some sort of hardship for her to endure as it will toughen her up , but how?. From now on need to read some book on parenting skills , i know some people will assume that parenting will come naturally but i had always believe that the so called natural parenting skill that you have is a subconcious mirror image of your parent . It is good if you are conciously aware of your subconcious as human will overreact and complacency will take place if you are conciously not aware of you subconcious.
If you are conciously aware of your sunconcious then you will undertsand what i wrote . If you don't get it then there is a possibility that you are not aware of your subconcious. In plain words , it is like having two mind with the other are completely aware of the other presence and its like having a small voice inside your mind constantly reminding yourself.But i'm no skizofrenia ok.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

GEODUCK - tasted , the verdict....

I had a very restless day after i had posted an entry about geoduck this morning.The whole morning today , i kept thinking about geoduck.the only time that i ever had this kind of feeling is during dating time previously with my girlfriend (which is currently my wife) . But its wrong to equate the feeling that i have with my wife with seafood but its so deja vu kijnd of thing that i find its very difficult to explain in words.The restlessness , uneasiness and the lack of focus and attention , its all deja vu.Enough with the nonsense , I had just came back from lunch and i had ordered GEODUCK sashimi style.

The taste :- sweet , smooth and best eaten raw.the taste is quite fine and if you took it with something else which is stronger in taste , it will overwhelm the geoduck taste. I just love it . The geoduck that i ordered weigh around 1 kg but only around 20 percent of it goes into good use and the rest of it is waste.The outer skin is very tough and cannot be eaten only a small portion of its flesh is eaten . Due to its high price i guess it will be a very long2 time before i will re-sample it again. But as for now , I HAD BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

Geoduck Clam FOUND!!!!! , yippie

<span class=
Geoduck clam

I had posted an entry about geoduck clam on my blog on 2nd september 2009 . I had finally found one restaurant which served geoduck clam which they import directly from US . The price per hundred gram is RM 35.6 and its weight an average of 1.5kg . It could be cook into several different dish but they had recommend sashimi style at it will bring out the actual taste of the clam. I had visited the restaurant yesterday and they kept the geoduck live in a cold water aquarium . i stared at the geoduck in awe and at the same time glancing up and down , up and down at my *****( i leave it to your imagination ) and ohhh god!!! it really does look like an uncircumsize penis.I was tempted to order the dish but to due to its heavenly price i had to postpone it until my next paycheck.according to one of the restaurant staff the geoduck is heavenly taste like its heavenly price. I replied - maybe i have to wait when i'm in heaven before i could taste it , he he. But one thing for sure , i will definitely try them hopefully in the near future.
South Sea seafood restaurant,
No 229, Jalan 2A, Kampung Baru Subang, 40000 Subang, Selangor
phone:-03 7846 1401 / 7846 5813