Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm in Kota Bharu

view of kelantan river from my hotel room

at karak highway
lunch at kfc kuala lipis

kuala lipis

kuala lipis

road to Gua Musang

stall where i buy my dinner in front of the hotel

view in front of my hotel

my hotel room

I depart from my house in Sungai Buloh at 930 am and arrive in Kota Bharu 9 hours later . Enroute i had stop at kuala lipis for lunch . The road was full with cars but the situation was not as bad during the long school holidays.The last time i had been to kota bharu was 5 years back , i could see that kota bharu had changed alot .

After check in , i had went to one of the stall in front of the hotel to buy nasi dagang and nasi kerabu for dinner . I was a bit suprised how cheap things are in KB , my dinner only cost me RM3 in KL it would easily cost me RM 6 for a nasi dagang with a big size fried chicken, I'm feeling a bit tired aftter a long drive , will go to bed early today . My itinery for tomorrow is as follows

-pantai sri tujuh

-pengkalan kubur

-a visit to kampung laut to visit the serunding factory

-state museum

-a visit to the oldest mosque in malaysia - masjid kampung laut

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Off to Kota Bahru

I had decided that i will go to kelantan tomorrow . All the arrangement had been made and i will be spending 2 night at the Grand River View hotel . Wait for my posting tomorrow on my journey to Kelantan.

Kota Bharu , Jerantut or Penang?

There is a possibility that i will go to Kota Bharu tomorrow for a short 3 days 2 night holiday . But there is also another voice inside of me saying that i need to go to Jerantut ( Taman Negara) . To make matter worst there is also third a voice inside saying that i ought to go to penang . Geezz! how many inner voice can a normal human being have . We'll see tomorrow where does my inner force take me.
As what YODA used to say in star wars : FOLLOW THE FORCE YOU SHALL

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disney Hollywood Hotel , Hong Kong

Random pictures which i took at disney hollywood hotel . The rates and other info , i had explain earlier in my other posting . It's a very nice hotel with disney cartoon characters everywhere .

beside the cafe
There a 3 dining place in disney hotel and this is the most cheapest

hotel entrance
caddilac cars on display

view from my room
my room -superior seaview room

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland

Simply put , if you bring your teenager to this place , there is a possibility that she will revolt but kids and adult like myself love this place .But that doesn't make me a "budak-budak". If you expect to see rides which will make you pee then you will be dissapointed . Being in disneyland actually rekindle the fond memories growing up with the disney character . I must admit that i grew up watching mickey mouse and donald duck and i learn english by watching disney cartoons.

From the airport i took the airport express to tsing yi station then to suuny bay station before boarding the special disney train to disneyland . In disneyland we stayed at the Disney Hollywood Hotel. Actually there are two hotel in disneyland , the more expensive one is the DISNEYLAND HOTEL and the other one is the Hollywood hotel . The rate per night for Hollywood hotel is HKD 1590 per night which is equivalent to RM650 per night . The room was spacious and can accomodate 4 people .

I had come to hong kong at the wrong season , it was raining all day and on our first day in disneyland , the fireworks and the disney parade was cancelled . We were a bit dissapointed as both event is the highlight of disneyland . By the way the entrance ticket to disneyland is HKD 350 or equivalent to RM 175 . If you were the hotel guest your ticket is valid for two days , otherwise it's only valid for one day.

In general all the rides inside disneyland is free and the waiting periods for each ride is about 5 minutes which was not too bad . The souveniers in disneyland is very expensive and if you missed the shop you can always buy your disney souvenier at the airport. A disney T-shirt will cost you not less than RM 80.Forget finding a fake disney t-shirt in Mong Kok as there is none, i guess disney control their product very well.

One of my favourite rides is the Jungle river cruise . Overall i am very satisfied with my visit at disneyland and i gave a thumbs up for anyone visiting hong kong disneyland.If you ask me the best time for visiting disneyland is in december and january where the temperature is cooler .Do visit hong kong disneyland if you have the chance.

Overall experience = A

at the souvenier shop
disney parade

on board the MAS 777 aircraft
magic castle

main entrance

disney train station

disney jungle river cruise

fish and chips at disneyland

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Official - JR can walk independently

My flight landed today at 1830 hrs . Will blog about my journey to Hong Kong tomorrow but i would like to officially announce that JR can now walk independently .It all happened when we had just check in to our room in disneyland and my wife was busy unloading our luggage when suddenly JR started to stand and walk all over the room . We are so delighted that JR finally learn how to walk . Maybe due to adrenalin rush from seeing mickey mouse in disneyland , ha ha ha.

** hopefully JR does not brag in front of his friend by telling that she had learn how to walk from MICKEY MOUSE :-) LOL!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm OFF to Hong Kong

The whole family is going to hong kong for a holiday . See you all again next week . Wait for my posting and have a nice weekend.

adios amigos!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had attended a simple tahlil  function yesterday at the RUMAH ILHAM .The tahlil started afer maghrib prayer and then continued until isya prayer , this was then followed with dinner together with the orphans .
It was an enlightening moment to spend a brief moment with the orphans . The feeling of humility suddenly engulf yourself as you see the orphans.I try to imagine myself in their position . It must be tough being an orphan at such a young age. At that young age , they need a tender loving care from their parent but i guess that was impossible . My thought shift to my daughter and how me and my wife had shower her with love and attention . Whenever my daughter cry , she always had a shoulder to cry on and we had always try our best to comfort her , but what happen if these orphan have any problems , who will they shoulder on ? . From my observation the management of the orphanges had try their best in creating an ideal living condition at the orphanages but i guess no facility in the world can replace a place call "HOME".

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jr 1st Birthday Party

my in law

We had organized a simple birthday party for JR recently . It was fun to see JR over excited playing with all her cousin . The party was held at my new house , close to 200 guest attended mostly close relative and friends.Unlike her dad JR was extremely social and friendly.

Among the gift that JR received

my auntie

JR with all her cousins