Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pantai Morib , Selangor

kalau nak ikut kaki ni memang tak boleh nak duduk diam , asyik nak bergerak saja . Setiap minggu pasti ada saja aktiviti yang dirancang .Paling tidak kalau tak bermalam di hotel pasti ada aktiviti jelajah yang di rancang .
As usual my travel decision normally come in a split second . People who had know me would atttest on my unpredictability . he he .

The whole family had went to Pantai Morib in Banting for a picnic . The facility over there had been upgraded , i love the old morib though .Honestly there's nothing special about Morib but it was enough for city folks like me to unwind.The journey from my home in sungai buloh take about 90 minutes travesing oil plantation and the historic town of jugra . If you have time , do explore jugra as the area is full of historic attraction.
Morib is well kept and the newly renovated toilet is superb . The beach is flat and during low tide you can walk as far as 1 km towards the sea . If you plan to visit morib i would suggest that you come during this time as there tons of activity that you could do at the beach when the tide receeds due to the vast beach area during the low tide.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday in Taiwan

I had just book a ticket to taipei on the 14th november 2010 via malaysia airlines . I had plan initially to go to south korea but cancel last minute when i check that the minimum temperature was at 0 degree. As for now i don't have any idea on what taipei got to offer , terjah aje lah.

Temerloh n kuala gandah

sungai temerloh
pekan sari temerloh

pekan sari temerloh

ikan kederak/kenerak
ikan kelah

dinner at dataran patin

dataran patin

view from dataran patin restaurant

kuala gandah

the whole gang

kuala gandah

i had bring the whole family for a short 2 days 1 night holiday in temerloh .The whole family stayed in HOTEL SERI MALAYSIA . At rm 140 per night during weekend i guess it was a bit expensive as the hotel was a bit rundown but there was not many choice of accomodation and i guess in temerloh SERI MALAYSIA is the best. Do refer my previous posting on temerloh.

I guess i really love the small town of temerloh and me and my wife vow to go there again . Enroute to temerloh as usual we went to kuala gandah . When i went there previously JR seems not very interested in elephant but now at 18 months old , she was very giddy and excited in seeing the baby elephant . Seeing your daughter in that situation definitely brings the whole family joy and laughter and with that i guess i had achieve my goal in temerloh .

Initially i had plan to go to cover either tasik chini and tasik bera but due to time constraint we had to cancel our trip. I had cover almost everything on temerloh and kuala gandah on my previous posting . check it out for more info

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picnic with my family at Ulu Yam

The whole family went to Ulu Yam recently for a short break . The area had change tremendously , nowadays the forestry department charge you RM 1 entrance fee , which we gladly pay looking at amount of works that had been done to spruce up the place . Kudos to the state government for sprucing up this place .
Honestly i love ulu yam , the water is crystal clear , the place is clean and well kept and the only bad thing about this place is that it was crowded especially during weekend . Ulu yam is a fine example that you don't need to go to europe to enjoy yourselves.

GEMPAR!!! XPLORER masih hidup!!!!!

Dah sebulan lebih dah tak update blog . Still active lagi sebenarnya cuma dah kurang berjalan sikit sejak kebelakangan ni . Insyallah hari sabtu ini saya akan ke Tasik Chini , Temerloh and Kuala Gandah . Will update something in my blog.