Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MAHA 2010

If you haven't been to MAHA i would recommend that you take a day off and find your way there . Where else you can find rabbits meat , satay ikan keli , jeli tebu , sup ikan air tawar and all other food stuff which was alien to you under one roof and best of all you can taste all of them as they willingly gave you free sample to try .
I started my way at 10 am and after 1 hour of browsing and window shopping , my stomach is full . But be careful on what you eat as after sampling more that 30 different type of food you might feel your stomach grumbling as it was like rojak inside there and not everybody could digest different type of food at one go .
For food lovers like me , i just love MAHA , but too bad i had to cut short my trip as it was raining cats and dogs.If you plan to go there , please!! PLEASE!! make sure that you arrive before 10 am or you will get stuck in a very longgggggggg traffic jam due to the crowd . THE RUMAH NEGERI is a must if you go to MAHA.It was very interactive and it showcase the specialty of food and culture of different states in malaysia . I had travel extensively all over Malaysia and yet i find it very refreshing and informative.
I was told that MAHA is the biggest of such event in MALAYSIA and ASEAN . Its open from 10 am to 10pm daily from 26th november to 6 December 2010 . To bad that it was to short , due to the overwhelming response i would recommend that the government extend it to one month .
for more info do visit MAHA official website HERE
overall experience : A

sate arnab
inside one of the exibition hall

sup ikan keli

rumah negeri melaka
phyton at rumah negeri PERLIS

sate keli - the best sate so far ,better than sate kajang

pottery at rumah negeri perak
entrance to pameran rumah negeri
LAMAN padi

shuttle bus inside MAHA

giant jack fruit - close to 50KG each

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santai sejenak di Pantai Remis Kuala Selangor

Malas pulak nak mula kerja esok setelah 9 hari bercuti . Rasa macam tak sabar hendak bersara dan terus berjalan-jalan tanpa henti walaupun umur aku baru sahaja mencecah 32 tahun . Semalam seharian tak keluar rumah , hari pulak dari pagi sampai petang tak keluar rumah . Bila dah pukul 5 petang tak keluar rumah , aku dah mula gelisah sebab hari minggu tak jalan-jalan.
Tiba-tiba pulak teringin makan siput bakar , tanpa membuang masa aku terus keluar menghala ke pantai remis . Jarak dari sungai buloh kalau ikut jalan short cut puncak alam cuma mengambil masa 35 minit . Tak sangka pulak sesak kawasan pantai remis sampai nak cari parking pun susah . Biasa kalau waktu macam ni kalau bukan cuti sekolah memang lengang je kawasan ni.
Kawasan pantai remis ni kalau nak ikut tak de ler cantik sangat tapi kalau nak santai ringan2 memang ok ler . Kalau nak cari siput metarang dan kepah kawasan ni memang cukup famous . Siput metarang ni memang susah nak cari di KL cuma di pantai remis dan tanjung karang saja siput ni ada , tempat lain memang susah nak cari . Yang best pasal siput ini ialah ianya manis dan sedap dibakar begitu saja tanpa letak apa-apa perasa , isinya lembut dan manis.

siput duri
fresh oyster

kepah bakar
kepah bakar

metarang bakar

My new compact camera - SONY CYBERSHOT

I had always been a CANON person due to its performance and durable battery life . I had used CANON G11 , POWERSHOT before and all of them had never failed me . What i like about canon was that you can used your camera for 3 weeks on a single battery charge . If you are away on the road most of the time then CANON compact camera is for you . All my previous camera is bulky and i needed something which i could easily slid under my pocket . After trying out a few brand , i was quite impressed with the sony cybershot , function dia canggih ooo compare to my old canon camera . Cuma yang slack sikit dia punya battery life , kalau charge penuh dan guna banyak2 esok battery dah tinggal satu bar saja.
Overall comparison with canon
Battery life - canon is way much better
functionality - sony is better
sturdiness - canon is better
picture quality - for a compact camera sony is better but for SLR it's definitely canon


Friday, November 19, 2010

Taipei part 1

I was in Taipei recently for 5 days with my family for a short holiday . Normally 5 days is sufficient for me to cover all the major attraction listed in my lonely planet travel guide which i carries around in all my travel .Since my daughter was still recovering from her fever and cough furthermore the weather was quite cold at 16'C, i had to sacrifice my travel plan to accomodate my daughter condition . My daily travel plan is very light - go out at 11 am and by 4 pm come back to hotel . The weather was chilly , windy with slight breeze all day long . I had skipped the hotspring and nature park and spend most of the time indoor.
Travelling in Taipei was a breeze , i had travel using the public bus and MRT without any problem whatsoever. The public transportation system is cheap - the bus fare within the city limit is only RM 1.50 while the MRT will only cost you RM 2 .There was an obvious language problem everywhere but the local people are very helpful and friendly enough to assist you in your travel . Whenever i'm abroad i always like to travel like the local people do , using public transport as much as possible . In this way you will interact more with the local people and gain more knowledge .
I love taipei and i do recommend it more than hong kong and china . The people were friendly , the city was very clean , public transport is very efficient , language is a problem and sushi is damn cheap at RM 1 per piece, he he. Halal food is a problem here but sushi is everywhere and for sushi lover like me i guess i can survive, he he .
I guess you need at least 8 days to cover all the major attraction inside and outside taipei and i would recommend that you go to TAROKO or take the ALISHAN train ride . I didn't have the time to do but i would definitely come back .

inside bus G1 from maokong to TAIPEI 101
MAOKONG - highland resort area like cameron highland

XIMENDING - shopping district

my wife with TAIPEI 101 in the backround

Inside the floral expo

Inside taipei MRT

hotel room @ 93USD /night
scooter is everywhere

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arrived from taipei

Arrived from taipei at 9pm today . Overall impression of taiwan - better than hong kong and china .Furthermore the people over there were polite and helpful although there was a communication breakdown everywhere.. Willl blog about my trip later as i'm too tired to write . One thing for sure is that , i definitely go to taiwan again as there are still many places that I didn't xplore.

Friday, November 12, 2010

water lily

shot in awana resort langkawi

Saturday, November 06, 2010

JR admitted to hospital

Xplorer Jr had been admitted to a hospital due to viral infection.
Please get well soon my love as daddy had plan something special for you in taipei. Love you so much.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Plantation Resort , Sungkai hotspring

See my previous review on the HOT SPRING here.

Ulasan ni khusus untuk hotel je , kalau pasal air panas sila klik link diatas.Ni kali pertama aku bermalam kat sini. Mula-mula masa nak pi sana rasa macam takdak apa-apa2 je tempat ni . Yelah hotel ni memamg terletak di tengah-tengah hutan lebih kurang 10 km daripada main road . Kedai makan cuma satu saja kat depan pintu masuk hotel , selain tu cuma cafe hotel je yang bukak . So kalau datang sini memang kena standby snack , malam-malam boleh lepak kat luar hotel di temani bunyi unggas-unggas malam.

Kalau weekend rate dia RM 250 semalam , kalau weekdays rasanya murah sikit . Memang berbaloi bayar RM 250 semalam sebab bilik dia besar dan cantik . Lagipun hotel ni tak macam hotel-hotel yang lain yang aku biasa duduk sebab terasa macam duduk dalam kampung sebab bila waktu malam cuma ada bunyi unggas-unggas saja.Bagi aku tempat ni sesuai untuk merehatkan minda sebab tempat ni sunyi dan jauh dari hiruk pikuk kota.
Pengunjung Hotel secara automatik dapat tiket masuk ke hotspring secara percuma .Disamping bilik hotel terdapat juga villa mewah untuk disewa pada kadar RM500++ . Aku diberitahu setiap villa disediakan dengan jakuzzi air panas sendiri. Lain kali kalau ada rezeki lebih teringin nak bawak family untuk menginap di villa pulak .
Tempat ni memang best dan aku rekomen tempat ni untuk semua.

cafe hotel

hot spring

pintu masuk hotel

hotel balkoni

view from my room
my room