Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sungai Buloh as the new hub for Klang Valley

Excerpt from PM Najib National Economic Model Speech :-
"To promote higher levels of economic investment, expansion and growth, several parcels of land in Jalan Stonor, Jalan Ampang, Jalan Lidcol, Kuala Lumpur have been identified to be tendered out and developed by the private sector. This asset, if not developed will be wasteful and the Government will incur cost of maintaining it. This initiative will be a good kick-off for more outright sale and joint ventures between the public and private sectors in land development. In this regard, I would like to inform you that Government of Malaysia and the EPF will form a joint-venture to promote the development of 3,000 acres of land in Sungei Buloh into a new hub for the Klang Valley. This will lead to over RM5 billion of new investments being made that will have an immediate effect on domestic growth, with an enormous potential for the private sector to participate in prominently."
I'm not sure on the exact location of this new developement in Sungai Buloh but i guess indirectly it will boost up property prices in sungai buloh . If you ask me the potential area would be the huge area between GUTRIE HIGHWAY and RRIM RUBBER ESTATE . The infrastructure is ready with the GUTHRIE highway and furthermore the newly completed highway from SUBANG AIRPORT to Sungai Buloh hospital . The location that i mention is located within the triangle . Nearby that area you have SKYPARK terminal with its vision to be an aviation hub , hospital and highway nearby and furthermore a huge landbank . The combination seems perfect for the next KLANG VALLEY HUB . I might be wrong but then can you find anymore perfect location that fits the above criteria. Area between bandar baru sungai buloh and sungai buloh hospital is crowded and to relocate the factory and the settlement will be costly and complicated due to various complicated issue and the goverment might not also want to be viewed as not MESRA RAKYAT especially after the heavy lost in the recent general election .

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hulu Tamu Hotspring

road leading to the hotspring

hotspring area

one of the hotspring water source

my wife and JR

I was on my way from ulu yam today when i come across HULU TAMU HOTSPRING in Batang Kali . The sign board was quite small and there is a big possibility that most road user willl missed it . If you are from ulu yam, turn right at the tee junction in Batang Kali town and head straight to hulu tamu.From the main road the journey will take you around 10 minutes across kampung and palm plantation.

The area was quite isolated and there are not many people around . There are 2 small hotspring water source in this area where water with sulphur smell constantly flows . They had built a pipe from this water source and direct it towards two small pool where you could immersed yourself in mineral rich waters. I was told that this mineral rich water contain a lot of medicinal value and i could see majority of the visitors who come here for the purpose of curing their ailments (mostly rheumatism and skin diseases).The are also some chinese folk from pandamaran who had been here on daily basis for the past one week .
I was told by the folks here that this place is open 24 hours as most people frequent here at night and early morning . Honestly this place need to do a bit of housekeeping as it there are sign of neglect here and there.But overall it is still acceptable .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


otak goreng sedia utk dimakan
proses menggoreng
di potong serta di gaul menggunakan rempah rahsia
otak lembu selepas dibasuh

Aku ni selain daripada KAKI JALAN , aku jugak KAKI MAKAN . Tapi yang pasti aku TAK MAKAN KAKI dan aku KAKI BANGKU , kah kah.Kebetulan kat depan rumah aku ada pasar malam dan kebetulan pulak ada di jual pulak otak lembu . Seumur hidup aku , aku cuma pernah makan otak lembu sebanyak 3 kali sahaja. Harga seketul otak lembu tidaklah mahal iaitu cuma RM 10 sahaja tetapi memang susah hendak jumpa . Biasanya otak lembu telah awal-awal ditempah oleh kedai-kedai makan. Kalau nak ikut betul-betul otak lembu ini sedap masak lemak tapi sebenarnya digoreng begitu sahaja pun sedap.
One thing for sure cow brain is not a healthy food due to its high cholesterol content and i do not recommend you to eat on a regular basis.As for me it's just another example of BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On my way back to KL

nasik kandaq bungkus

Kenyang betul hari ni . macam-macam aku makan hari ni.Sampai jer kat penang tadi terus naik bas 401 rapid penang(RM 2.70 sehala) ke komtar. Lepas tu pi makan cucur udang kat bazaar penang , lepas tu pekena cendul kat chowrasta market dan lepas tu pi pekena nasik kandar line clear , siap tapau 6 bungkus untuk di bawak balik ke KL.Macam mana berat badan tak naik asyik makan jer.Mula-mula risau jugak takut tak lepas naik flight nasik kandar , tapi kalau tak lepas mau menangis jugak aku kat depan kaunter check in tadi.Seluar pun dah tempah 4 helai , bila siap nanti dia akan pos . Perut pun dah tahap kenyang GABAN , mata pun dah layu so memandangkan keadaan aku ni dah macam ular kekenyangan , aku pun decide naik flight awal kul 730 malam untuk balik ke KL . Aku tersilap sebab tak bawak camera , kalau tak boleh tunjuk keadaan kat bazaar penang temapt aku makan cucur udang , tempat tu mmg klasik . Kat laptop aku ni ada camera tapi takkan nak tangkap MAMAK tu tgh goreng sambil pegang laptop , nanti dia ingat aku ni jakun pulak. Tapi kekadang terpikir jugak nak snap gambar mamak tu guna laptop . Since azim ni orang penang , mungkin azim boleh snap agar reader dpt imagine tempat cucur udang kat dlm bazaar penang . Sebenarnya masa aku kecik2 dulu tempat ni diaorg panggil "tembok taik". Kenapa diaorg panggil tembok taik takyah lah aku explain , bak kata Siti Nurhaliza-Biarlah Rahsia . Kalau aku explain kat sini silap-silap kena saman plak ngan owner gerai sebab menghalau customer dia.
Sekian saja laporan dari Penang , over and out!

azim-tq for the invitation , maybe next time we met

Stuck in KLIA

I had missed my 1030 flight to Penang and currently i'm stuck at KLIA for the next flight at 1355.Lucky i had bring along my laptop and my M&M . I woke up early today and then i called my office told my boss secretary that i'm going to take a one day leave .I really need a rest since i had been working for 14 days straight previously.After sending my wife i went straight to KLIA and arrive KLIA at 1015 only to find that the departure gate had closed.What a way to spend my holiday - stuck at KLIA by myself with my laptop.I wish i was home playing with my daughter.
Hmm... what to do in penang , i only have a few hours to spare in penang as my flight back to KL is today at 2030.
things to do in penang
- take a bus to komtar and lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear Penang
-visit a tailor (FUNNY TAILOR) near bangunan UMNO-this tailor is not funny ok , he really mean business.A good quality handmade trouser in penang will only cost me RM105 compare to RM180-RM250 in KL.
-eat laksa penang for dinner
-ronda-ronda in KOMTAR area

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ish!!, mana ler aku nak pegi esok .Dah tak tahu dah nak pegi mana dah , rasanya mcm dah pegi semua tempat . Rasanya malaysia dah jadi terlalu kecik untuk XPLORER.Alangkah baiknya jika Malaysia ni sebesar kanada , US ataupun china.Mesti tak habis pusing punya. Sekarang ni tgh lepak minum teh tarik sambil tunggu wife kat opis dia . Isteri aku baru call n katanya baru dapat bonus , yahoo!!! boleh ler POW sikit2 , he he.
To my wife :- iif you do read this entry . I want a new canggih BBAAAIIKKK punya handphone , he he

Monday, March 15, 2010

KingFisher and life reflections

This shot was taken in Kuala Ibai , terengganu . At times like this i wish i had bought a good quality telephoto lense.The weather back then was perfect . The bird is in a perfect position , the tide is coming in and if you look closely you will see water splashing from the light drizzle . I had used my 75-300mm second hand telephoto lense which i had bought earlier in bangkok. It had been a while since i had used my SLR camera to take photo . The passion for photography is stilll burning like never before but since JR is around, carrying a heavy camera during an outing proved to much a hassle . Most of the time i will only be carrying my compact camera.
I had been extra busy with work , a lot of things had been happening at the office . I sometime feel frustrated with office work and there are times i feel like quitting and try to start a new carrer but then that's human . Never satisfied with what you have until it all gone . In total i had work for 8 years since graduating but i had always think about my retirement days . Honestly i can't wait to retire , i wish i could retire now ASAP and with the time that i have i want to travel the world. I had always dreamt about being away , xploring for months away from home . I wish i could do that now . The longest time that i had been away from home , travelling , is 11 days - xploring Borneo by Land with my buddies . That was 7 years back , now it is almost impossible to take that long leave . I wonder how the MAT SALLEH does it ??!!!.
Ever since i was a kid , i had always told my buddies that i want to see the world . My buddies would respond that you need to have a lot of money to travel . Since i don't have any money back then i had to depend alot on my imagination . Most of the time i would imagine myself as indiana jones and with my mountain bike , i would xplore initially xplore my surrounding area , and slowly the area expand and when i had finish my PMR i could say that i had xplore half of penang with my bicycle and i am damn proud of my achievement .
When i'm in my UNI , i told my buddies the same things but now i have my own kapchai. My buddies would respond that if you want to travel might as well you do it now because you might not have the time when you started working . With my kapchai , i had travel all the way to genting , JB , Cameron Highland , Teluk Intan and almost 50% of Malaysia. If you ask my roommate then for sure they they will told you that i'm a KAKI JALAN and TAK BOLEH DUDUK DIAM.
Now working , i had lost count on how many time that i had went overseas , maybe 40 to 50 times with a total of 15 countries visited. There is no looking back , i will continue xploring untill the day i dies.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On my way to tapah

I'm currently on my way to tapah to attend a kenduri.Initially i plan to stay 1 night at the clearwater sanctuary resort in Batu Gajah , but the price is quite high at RM400++ per night . After the kenduri i still haven't decided on my stopover . Maybe i will take a dip in one of the river in tapah .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin temerloh

Bak kata orang , tak sah berkunjung ke bandar Temerloh jika tak mencuba masakan masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin.Aku memang menggemari ikan patin tapi bab tempoyak yang aku lemah . Bila pikir pasal patin naik selera aku , tapi bila pikir balik pasal tempoyak yang dicampur sekali rasa macam tak lalu pulak nak makan. Untuk pengetahuan semua aku memang anti durian.Kalau hendak diikutkan hati dan kalaulah aku menjadi menjadi pertanian , rasa macam nak haramkan saja tanaman durian di Malaysia.
Itulah gambaran bagaimana anti-nya aku terhadap durian . Since dah travel beratus-ratus batu ke bandar temerloh so terpaksalah aku try jugak masakan ni . Nasib baik composisi tempoyak amatlah sedikit . Aku tidak pasti samaada gerai ini menyajikan masakan patin tersedap tetapi mengikut isteri aku , masakannya memang sedap.Kalau di kuala lumpur ikan patin agak berbau hanyir sedikit , tetapi di temerloh bau hanyir tidak wujud sama sekali.Bandar temerloh memang sesuai sekali di beri nama jolokan bandar ikan patin sebab ikan patin di jual di merata-rata tempat .Penduduk di sini seolah-olah obses dengan ikan patin.Gerai MEK AFIDAH terletak di medan selera di tebing sungai pahang , kalau pada waktu pagi ahad , lokasi ni menjadi tempat pasar sari temerloh . Selain masakan ikan patin , masakan2 kampung yang lain juga di jual di gerai MEK AFIDAH.

JR yang paling kecoh dlm gerai

deretan kedai di medan selera

Pantai Kuala Linggi - an alternative to PD

Have you ever feel frustrated going to PD during the weekend? the overcrowded beach , rubbish and traffic jam could ruined your holiday.Well , i had found an alternative location around 30 to 40 minutes from PD in kampung Kuala Linggi.The beach is very clean with less visitor.You can have the beach for yourselves unlike in PD . Do bring your own food as there are no foodstall here.
how to get there - from PD drive straight towards Melaka using the coastal road until you reach Sungai Linggi.Around 3-4 km afterwards you will reach a T junction.Turn right to kampung Kuala Linggi.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pulai Spring Resort,Johor

During my recent trip to johor bahru , i had stayed in Pulai Spring resort . I had chosen to stay in a two bedroom suite . My first reaction when i enter my room was - WOW!!. The room was extra large , you can easily bring in another 6-7 person and yet the area will still be spacious. I had never imagine the unit will be this big complete with a private terrace. I really feel relax staying in this hotel because the hotel is located in the center of a golf club and it is full of grenery . I will definitely stay in this hotel again whenever i come to JB .
Overall experience = A+
Pulai Spring Resort
20 km , Jalan Pontian Lama ,
81110 Pulai , Johor

our room private terrace

entrance to private terrace from our room

living room


master bedroom

hall and dining area

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

JR had been discharged

Jr had been discharge from the selangor specialist hospital after being warded there for 5 days. Currently JR is back up and running more than ever . Thank you for those who had pray for JR well being and thank you also for the doctor and nurses who attended to JR. alhamdulillah
My advise - if you have a very high fever please do not take it lightly . Just now my office had been audited by people from kementerian kesihatan as there had been 1 case of death within the vicinity . I was told that the victim died after 6 days due to liver failure as he did not seek any medical assistance until it was too late.According to them selangor had been worst hit with dengue fever and the cases are increasing day by day.

Tanjung Piai , Johor

A drive to Johor Bahru for mere mortals would normally took 4 hours but for xplorer it took me 9 hours to reach Johor Bahru . I had always thought that i'm not normal and i believe people who are close to me believe the same thing too . I'm a bit eccentric ( in a positive way) and my wife had always told me "abang ni tak macam manusia lain ler". I had always laugh after my wife said that.Enroute to johor , i had made numerous pit stop along the way . I had travel using the coastal road through muar ,batu pahat, pontian and all the way to tanjung piai.If i see a foodstall along the roadside with many people i will stop and try it.

Initially tanjung piai was not under my list on the places to visit in johor . I was on my way to kukup when i saw the sign board and decided to make a short detour . Me and my wife just love the traditional kampung scenery along the way and we had jokingly wanted to adopt tanjung piai as our kampung angkat .
Tanjung piai is a cape in the southernmost part of johor and thus at the tip of asia.If i'm not mistaken Tanjung Piai is gazetted as a national park and manage by te johor national park.The park was well manage and the facility was clean . Among the attraction that you can do there is bird watching , wildlife watching and fishing . The experience of walking on the wooden plank traversing the swamp forest is an experience not to be missed . Just be observant and you could observe footprint of wild boar on the swamp floor. The biodiversity of this park is still intact and i do really hope that it remain that way .
Overall experience = A