Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daging Landak

Setelah mencari selama hampir 5 tahun akhirnya jumpa jugak kedai yang jual masakan daging landak . Macam-macam cara aku cari , sampai tahap aku call penternak landak -BAHTERA TERNAK untuk bekalan daging landak . Tapi masalahnya BAHTERA TERNAK tak jual daging , sebab dia kata dia kena lepas kouta dulu , bila dah membiak melebihi kouta baru di benarkan jual. Akhirnya jumpa jugak aku kedai yang jual masakan daging landak .Cuma sekarang ni nak mencari masa yang sesuai sahaja untuk pergi . Insyaallah kalau tak ada apa-apa hal mungkin dlm sebulan dua ni dah boleh pergi sebab jadual aktiviti aku dah penuh .Kat bawah ni ada alamat kedai tu siap dengan GPS coordinate lagi , hu hu


Restoran Selera Rimba

Hamka bin Jaafar

Kampung Belia 2 , Jalan Sg Panjang,

45300 , Sg Besar Selangor.

tel :016 - 316 0344

operating hours : 11 am to 5.30pm

coordinates :3 42'32"N 101 10'33"E

sila klik DISINI untuk baca review restoran ini

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life Imperfections

my fish pond

I was supposedly be in perak today but cancel last minute as my wife was not feeling well.Here i was sitting next to my fish pond surfing the net and at the same time pondering about humanity and the troubles of the world . Cheh!! poyo betul.But seriously i've been doing some soul searching since yesterday.The question that i was trying to answer was-If i were given a chance to change my past what, would i do?.Previously my answer would definitely be changing this and that , i wish i would study more and i wish i could be more like this and that. The listing will be enormoursely long .
I scan my brain for an answer while pausing intermittently looking at my fish pond for inspirations .It had struck me just now that life is full of imperfections.I had live an imperfect life and so does everybody . What's wrong in living an imperfect life?well there's nothing wrong in it as long as we learn from it and become better.
To tell you the truth i'm glad that i had went through all the imperfections in life previously especially when i was growing up . All the imperfection had made me who i am today - still impefect but better.
All in all i had found a perfect new year resolution for 2011 that is -
to face problem head on(not running away from imperfections) and accepting imperfections as a lesson in life.
All the above may seem a bit crappy but for me it was about changing my perception towards life . And for me this revelation does not get any better timing than now, just when 2010 is coming to an end . Wow!! what a great way to end 2010.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eating Silk worm in Beijing

wang fu jing night market


Those of you who had been to Beijing Wang Fu Jing night market must be familiar with silk worm saute(hhmm.. the word SATE must come from saute) on a stick . I make sure that it was halal ler before i eat . The silk worm was sold to me by a chinese muslim from xinjiang . I can't remember the price all that i remember was that it taste horrible , you can tell from my facial expression. I wish i had sambal belacan to go with the silk worm , he he.

Aktiviti terakhir tahun 2010

Annual leave ada lagi 9 hari tapi tahun 2010 cuma tinggal 7 hari , itupun tak termasuk sabtu dan ahad. Nak ambil cuti penuh seminggu tak approve , nak gi oversea duit pun dah habis . lagipun tahun ni dah pi hongkong dan taiwan , so rasanya cukuplah pi berjalan oversea untuk tahun ni.
Bila aku check online untuk hotel dlm seminggu ni semuanya fully book , kalau ada yang kosong pun mahal sangat sebab demand tengah tinggi ni maklumlah minggu-minggu terakhir sebelum cuti sekolah habis .
Dekat ofis pun lengang sebab banyak staff berpusu-pusu hendak menghabiskan cuti tahun. So nak tak nak terpaksalah aku pergi bercuti lepas habis cuti sekolah , rate hotel pun reasonable. plan SUKA JALAN-JALAN untuk minggu terakhir 2010 adalah seperti berikut
26 december 2010 - JALAN-JALAN ke daerah SETIAWAN dan MANJUNG
1 January 2011 - JALAN-JALAN ke Kuala Terengganu
2 January 2011 - JALAN-JALAN ke TasikKenyir

Sunday, December 19, 2010

BBQ with my old buddies

My college buddies had organized a simple gathering in putra height yesterday .Some of us had not met more than 10 years. It was fun seeing everybody with their spouses and kids . Macam tak sangka yang sorang-sorang dah jadi mak budak and bapak budak.It was satisfying to know that everybody had succeded in their life .
It feels like the good old days when we used to lepak in front of our college entrance . We all feel that we were still in our early 20's as most of us hadn't change a bit . I truely cherish moment like this as it reminds me on how things had changed . The good old days may not be my golden days in life but i'm glad that i gone through it and befriend nice folks like you guys.

Hati Ikan Pari Masak Lemak

I had went to a market in Kuala Selangor yesterday . One of the fish vendor had recommended stingray liver to me . According to him , not many people realised that stingray liver could be eaten as most of the time it will be thrown away during gutting. But he had caution me that you must know how to cook it otherwise it will taste "hanyir".
I decided that i need to try this at least once although at that time i have no idea on how to cook it . I had ask my parent on wheter they know how to cook it but they responded that it was the first time that they had heard such thing . I was lucky that my mother in law know how to cook it as it was her late mother favourite dish .
The liver was cook with coconut milk and some curry spices.I had never thought a stingray liver could taste this good , furthermore it was very cheap at RM 4 per kilo.It had a soft , subtle and buttery taste and it will melt in your mouth . It was like eating a soft butter with a great flavour . I will definitely be on the lookout for stingray liver whenever i go to the market in the future.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

This was the second time i had bring my daughter to Aquaria KLCC . The first time was 6 months back when she was 1 year old. Her reaction back then was so-so , now at 19 months her reaction was explosive and extremely difficult to control her . She was full with energy and almost everything excites her.
Overall it was an OK experience especially for the kids but there were many things that needs improvement. The biggest flaw that i could see was in the tunnel section . From my perspective they had failed to create a living ecosystem as most of coral was made from cement and it really look bland .
overall experience - C
entrance fee - RM 35 adult , RM 25 children

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Short Holiday in Cameron Highland

It was like a tradition for my family to visit cameron highland to unwind and escape the hectic life living in KL.But cameron highland had changed dramatically , it was more polluted nowadays compare to 8-10 years back.Cameron highland still had it charms which entice city folk like me .
Everytime we would stay in Equatorial with a room facing the hills.We spend the whole day inside our room surfing the net from our hotel balcony with a great view of the hills.We watch the sunset from our room and at times like these it feels as if the clock finally stops ticking.It was easy to lost track of time when you have great vista in front of you.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mud Crab - Ketam Nipah

If you had asked me to name my favourite food , i would definitely name steam mud crab.Personally i feel mud crab have more flavour compare to a lobster.The flesh is sweet and steaming it is the best way to preserve the flavour . For me adding other flavour will ruin the original flavour of the crab and that's why i recommend steaming it . The price per kg differs according to location . If you live in KL the price of live big size mud crab will be around RM 60 to 70 per kg . In penang the average big size mud crab is between RM 25 to 35 per kg .

to kill it , put it directly in hot boiling water . this is the fastest and most humane way to immediately kills it
after a few second it will be dead
clean the mud with a brush
steam it
claw flesh-the best part
this is how it look like after steaming
the inside flesh

sweet and succulent