Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kuching trip - Day 1

Our TAIWAN trip late last year supposedly be our last holiday before my wife gave birth . Then we decided to go to Kenyir and Kuala Terengganu and we thought enough is enough. Not long after that we went to penang and we promise ourselves that it will be our last holiday . Then again almost '2 weeks later we found ourselves mysteriously being transported to Kuching Sarawak, he he.Again naturally we promised ourselves that this will be the last trip before my wife gave birth.


The decision to go to kuching was made at the very last minute(like all our trip , he he ) , 18 hours to be exact from the departure time.Initially we plan to go to langkawi but all the flight was full , instintively i bought a ticket to kuching without much thought. Actually kuching was like our second home , we had actually lost count on the number of time we had been there .We had been to all the recommended tourist attraction in kuching and outskirt . Our visit this time is more towards giving exposure to JR and of course mee kolok and laksa sarawak.


Our flight depart KLIA at 8.15 am and arrives 1 hour 30 minutes later . We stayed at the Four Point (sheraton) for two nights and i would say that it was the best 4 star hotel ever. The room and bathroom was spacious and breakfast was good.We decided not to rush things and we only made our way to kuching town around 3 pm. Our first stop was obviously for a laksa sarawak and mee kolok and then made our way to Kota Samarahan and then to buy some KEK lapis sarawak as a souvenier for our relatives. We ask around for the best kek lapis and they recommend KEK LAPIS MIRA compare to the famous KEK LAPIS DAYANG . Local people knows best and KEK LAPIS MIRA definitely have our thumbs up . To be continued......

KLIA inside airbus a330
our inflight breakfast - nasik lemak

JR ordering room service
hotel lobby
mee kolok
boring tunggu makan, he he
laksa sarawak
view of kuching waterfront
kota samarahan
view at night

Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Crab @ South Sea Seafood

I would try anything at least once . The desire to try anything at least once had bring me to discover an array of experience which had made my life more interesting.Snow crab is one of them although it was a bit expensive at RM250 per kg. Again , i will try anything once and it could be a decade from now until i eat another snow crab again .


This special dinner was a treat from my wife and other than the snow crab , giant mantis prawn were among the special item that we ordered. The crab were fried with salted egg and it taste really good . The flesh was sweet and the texture was a bit coarse and less dense compare with mud crab and our local ketam bunga .Snow crab definitely taste bettter and i was told that it was imported from alaska. The snow crab was kept in a special aquarium with cold water to keep them alive .


Apart from snow crab , another special item on our table is giant mantis prawn . Some people would prefer lobster but for me mantis prawn definitely taste better. You could grilled it or deep fried it , either way it taste so damn good . The price of giant mantis prawn is almost as equivalent as a local lobster @ RM 150 per kg.

restaurant - SOUTH SEA SEAFOOD

location - 229 jalan 2a, kampung baru subang (next to SKYPARK runway)

overall experience - A-

snow crab snow crab deep fried in salted egg

giant mantis prawn - deep fried

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kuching Trip

Dah lama tak update blog , sebenarnya banyak benda yang berlaku dalam masa dua minggu ni cuma terlalu sibuk nak bercerita.Sebenarnya aku baru balik dari bercuti di Kuching Sarawak , akan update kemudian didalam blog . Hari ni cuma preview saja

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buah Tai @Buah Kelapa laut

Di Pulau Pinang Buah Kelapa laut di kenali sebagai Buah Tai.Kalau di pulau pinang Buah kelapa laut memang banyak terutamanya di kawasan waterfall. Di sebelah KL buah kelapa laut biasanya jenis yang telah di proses untuk dijadikan minuman.Harganya sebiji ialah RM2.50 dan saiznya lebih kurang 6 cm diameter.Kulitnya bersabut seperti buah kelapa dan biasa terdapat dalam 4-5 ulas isi buah kelapa laut . Rasanya sedikit tawar tapi mungkin kebetulan aku dapat buah yang kurang manis.Kalau tanya orang KL buah kelapa laut macam mana , confirm tak tahu ler jawapannya.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cucur Udang pasar Chowrasta,Penang

Without a doubt , the best CUCUR UDANG in malaysia is in penang . Go anywhere and i bet that you can't find CUCUR UDANG which taste as good as you would find it here . Looks could be deceiving , first look at this stall near chowrasta market and you would have not imagine that it would house undoubtly the best cucur udang(pronounce as coq udang by locals) in town.
From my observation coq udang is a very simple dish to prepare , just a mixture of flour , prawn and taugeh in deep fried . I had tried it before back home and it had failed to produce the same taste and crunchiness which had made this dish so special . Writing about this entry is enough to make me drool.SSSllllluuurrrrpppp!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My daughter reaction to her new sister

My wife is expecting to deliver our second baby in two month time . I'm not sure on how things would be like with the presence of our second baby . At present JR is very jealous whenever her mum holds another baby .Whenever we told JR that baby will be coming very very soon to see her she would become agitated and sometime cried . We had try to overcome this issue by buying her present and telling her that it was a gift from her sister . This tactic seems to works at present but i'm still worried on how JR would react in the present of her new sister.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Penang Butterfly Farm

The last time that i had went to this place was nearly 17 years ago. The place still doesn't change a bit . It was still as i remember it 17 years ago .Jr was extremely excited and was screaming all the way.She was so excited in seeing all the butterfly within her reach that i had to control her from harming the little creature. I can't blame her as she was just inquisitive as always.
Penang butterfly farm was founded in 1986 by Mr David Goh.Besides being a tourist attraction its also serve as center for education and scientific research.The visitor to the butterfly farm will find themselves surrounded by by a myriad of fluttering butterfly within a natural setting . Besides butterfly there is also a small exhition on insect.
If you visit penang do not miss this place as there are very few places in the world who exhibit live butterfly.