Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jr dah pandai makan kuaci-new video format

Umur baru 2 tahun 4 bulan tapi dah pandai makan kuaci.Kagum jugak aku tengok anak sulong aku belajar makan kuaci hanya melalui pemerhatian.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bagan Nakhoda Omar , Sabak Bernam

I had travel 100 km from sungai buloh to sekinchan yesterday to find the origin of the famous ikan bakar sekinchan only to be told by the local people that it was located in shah alam.

"kak tumpang tanya , ikan bakar sekinchan yang famous tu kat mana kak?"

" adik dah salah ni dik , kalau tak silap akak kedai tu kat shah alam , kat
Damansara pun ada jugak kedai dia"

I guess this is a classic case if you go to Bandung on the pretext of finding the origin of mee bandung and sirap bandung only to be told that there's no such thing by the local people.Out of frustration and after a tip off on the existence of a famous mee udang in sabak bernam , i had continue my journey to bagan nakhoda which was around 30km from sekinchan.

From the main road , it will took you another 10 km before you reach the beach.The area was a bit secluded and a haven for photographer like myself. The estuary was teeming with wildlife and plus this with the sight of sampan/boats navigating up and down the estuary , a purfffeectttt!!! Setting for a photoshoot.

There are  few stall selling food here but the famous among all is the mee udang banjir.It cost me only rm5.50 per plate , the taste is ok but cannot lawan the mee udang gertak sanggul penang.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update on my mum

My mom had been temporarily discharged from the sungai buloh hospital. Her case had been refered to PPUM hospital and doctor said that there is a possibility of her readmission pending review from the ENT specialist in PPUM.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Snake in da house

Not everyday you could see an event like this one.I spotted a cobra in the middle of my house compound trying to swallow my beloved pet frog.Lucky my "paman ular" was around and in just a few minutes the the snake was swiftly subdued by him using his bare hand.The cobra was later released at the nearby forest.I do not believe in killing of an animal unless if you don't have a choice.Deforestation by human had caused a clash between the animal world and human .Encounter like this one is not uncommon especially in a new housing estate like mine.The only casualty for today is our pet frog. The same frog was featured in a few of my blog posting previously.RIP my frog.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mother admitted to hospital

My mother had been admitted to hospital since wednesday due to difficulty in breathing . The main reason of writing this blog is to share and immortalised my life experience and i'm glad that i did it.Looking back at my past blog entry i feel that i had done my best in spending quality time with my mother and family.I have no regret looking back.Semoga semuanya selamat.

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The beauty of macro photography

I had fallen in love with macro photography.everything look bizzarely different through my macro lense.