Saturday, December 15, 2012

Muar River Cruise

My family love Muar , in fact within the span of 2 month we had spent the night twice at the local hotel there . What we like about Muar is the high concentration of good food within such a small area . Besides good food , muar is also famous for its river cruise.The cruise was reasonably price at RM 10 per adult with a journey spanning 45 minutes from tanjung emas to sabak aur and back . The boat itself is quite unique and sturdy . I was told that it was made from cengal wood which will cost a bomb.
The scenery along the river is not bad also as the waterfront area is full of historical building which had been preserved to its pristine condition.


jetty tanjung mas - the starting point of the cruise

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Picnic at Gunung Ledang Resort

The whole family went for a picnic last week in Taman Negara Gunung Ledang . Situated in Ledang district which is a stone throw away from MUAR.I feel a bit dissapointed with the overall condition at these area . The picnic area was a bit dirty and  not well maintained  . You need to pay a certain entrance fee to enter these area ,  i was under the impression that if you need to pay for a public facility then the facility provided must be up to a certain standard. Unfortunately , the opposite thing happened . I could see rubbish everywhere at the picnic area . A good example of a well run public area with a minimal entrance fee is ULU YAM and FRIM in Selangor.
This area had a lot of potential and i do hope that something is being done to spruce up this place . 

chalet for rent

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Special day for Xplorer

2nd of december 2012 will remain as a very important date for my family . First of all it was my 7th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife.Second , Xplorer JR2 started walking and lastly Xplorer JR had manage to successfully spend a day without her diapers .
All of us were esctatic and i treated them with Tutti Fruity as requested by JR.Love my family so much.