Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are time in your life where difficult decision must be made in order to move on . Well i guess that i had reached a juncture when a decision must be made which could alter the course of my life . Having said that , sometime i wonder what actually trigger a person to change ?
There is a saying that things which doesn't kill you will eventually make you stronger , there is some truth to that statement but my question is : how do you determine enough is enough?

I'm currently alone , at a clubhouse away from home , deep in thought about my future . Intermittently gazing left and right for ideas and inspiration . But nothing seems to come from it . Apart from looking and planning for the future , i'm very grateful for the almighty for whatever i had achieve at present . The quest for change doesn't necessarily meant that i'm not grateful for what i have . I'm at my comfort zone longer than i had anticipated and i guess it's time to move on........

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Masakan hidung lembu/cow nose

Picture and original story courtesy from zakuan hasan

Never in my wildest imagination would i imagine that the nose of a cow is actually edible . In a scale of 1 to 10 , i consider this as 10 on my list of bizzare food.Not sure about the taste though, but i would really really like to sample it at least once.

The nostril must first be grilled on an open fire to remove the fine hair and to break out the outer hard layer of the nostril.The charred outer layer of the nostril is then removed and it will be then cut into small pieces . I was told that in kelantan this food is quite common and was added into a soup .

For my readers out there ,please leave a comment if you have any info on where i could buy a cooked cow nose .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Desaru ostrich farm, johor

There are something about ostrich that trigger an adrenalin rush on my eldest daughter. The mere mentioning about ostrich will left her bouncing excitedly . We had been to various ostrich farm all over malaysia and so far this is the best and the most complete ostrich breeding facility. Most of the ostrich farm we visited before only focus on the ostrich alone , what i mean is there are only a few adult ostrich and nothing else .The best example is the PD ostrich farm,there is no effort to educate the visitors about the ostrich breeding , their physical anatomy , their lifecycle , habitat and etc.We went there , pay a few ringgit of entrance ticket , watch a few ostrich and go back home without any knowledge about ostrich.

But this place is very different , you enter without any knowledge about ostrich and you exit with some hands on knowledge about ostrich.There are briefing session by the breeders on ostrich and they even gave us a demonstration on how to safely crack an ostrich egg without destroying its shell . They breed the ostrich mostly for local and singaporean market and you could see different physical development of an ostrich starting from day 1. There are around 300++ ostrich roaming free within their enclosure .An interesting fact about ostrich is that only 30% of its meat are process into food item , the rest are turn into medicinal product like ostrich oil and tonic.This had made an ostrich meat rather damn expensive at rm45 per kg. The meat are also sold here and for muslim don't worry as they had obtain a halal certificate and the certs are displayed at their shop.

I've tasted ostrich meat before and i must say that they are the best.I highly recommend this place due to its educational value . It's a great exposure for me and my family.Do visit this place when ever you are in desaru , johor.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Siput paku

I'm very sure that most of you recognised this shellfish.Locally known as siput paku and it could easily be found around sandy beach where the water is clear and not murky.Siput paku usually found its way in the local souveniers shop where it will be made into all sorts of crafts and artworks.Not many people realised that siput paku is actually edible . The texture of the flesh bear similarity to the famous siput sedut but with a slight bitter taste.It could be cook with chili or masak lemak . But before it was cooked you need to cut the pointed portion of the shell.This will allow you to suck the flesh quite easily.Another first for xplorer.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Putu Bambu special juriah , ayer hitam , johor

The quest for the best had brought me to the small town of Ayer Hitam in johor.This place was highly recommended by a fellow blogger of mine and i must say that i had never seen so many people constantly lining up to buy putu bambu.Before coming to this place , i thought putu bambu will always be just a putu that i used to buy in the pasar malam and nothing else . There is no way a simple dish like that could become special and extraordinary.
Well folks , this dish had beat all my initial expectation and it is indeed special. The texture is very smooth and fluffy and the filling is very generous.A typical putu bambu texture is a bit coarse but for putu bambu juriah it will literally melt in your mouth.The direction to this place is simple , exit through ayer hitam exit heading toward bandar ayer hitam . The stall will be on your right near a traffic light not far from sekolah kebangsaan ayer hitam.
Overall experience =A