Monday, June 29, 2015

Pantai Redang , Sekinchan

It was sunday and i was alone at home staring at the ceiling without nothing to do (although there are still lots of outstanding chores to do , he he) , the wife and the the kids are at the shopping mall doing their Hari Raya shopping . Normally at times like this , my regular routine if the kids are around is to "menyakat" my kids until they are angry with their dad . In return they will always " kacau" me whenever i'm about to take my regular cat nap , so it's a win-win situation , he he.

I grab my camera and car keys and decided to explore an area around Sekinchan . Not sure about my destination at first , i started to ask around if there are any interesting places to visit around sekinchan. My quest finally being answered when someone highlighted about Pantai Redang . I had been to Sekinchan numerous times before and never heard about this place . Again xploring is about opening up your senses and  viewing things from a different angle.

Pantai Redang (Redang Beach) is a hidden beach in Sekinchan,  In fact there is not much signboard directing you to this place from the main road. The first impression that i had after arriving is wow!!! , you can't compare this place to the east coast but there are so many people and stall at this beach where you could relax and buy your souvenier .Overall , this place is quite unique as next to it there is a hive of fisherman boat navigating their way through the small estuary to unload their catch. 
Another first for Xplorer.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sotong Bakar Gantung Oven

Tak pernah dibuat orang sotong bakar gantung oven . Tapi realitinya ini cara yang terbaik untuk panggang sotong .Jus sotong tidak akan mengalir keluar dari badan sotong dan perlahan-lahan akan meresap n meruap keluar dari badan sotong. Akibatnya sotong akan menjadi lebih manis. Untuk lebih sedap sumbat bawang putih yang tidak ditumbuk kedalam badan sotong. Rasanya cara ini akan lebih menarik kalau guna api arang. selamat mencuba

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sutra Beach Resort , Merang

The whole family went for a short holiday in Sutra Beach Resort Merang, Terengganu recently . The beach and the hotel was awsome and the kids love the infinity swimming pool.It was sotong season and at rm16 per kg it was very cheap for a foot long squid. We barbecued the squid using what we could find naturally around the beach and the result was awsome . I had never tasted a squid as sweet as this one and the wife also agreed .