Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sailing lesson

I had always wanted to learn how to sail . The feeling of being able to move freely assisted by a clean free energy had always enticed me into sailing.I had always imagined myself as pierce brosnan in a role that he played in Thomas Crown Affair - a good looking billionaire with a sense of adventure, minus the good looks and money of course , ha ha. There is a certain charm and persona associated with  sailing and i recently got a chance to experience it .

We were told to meet captain ali in a Marina in pulau indah where he gave an introductory lesson on the basic of sailing . He pre warned us that this is not a leisure trip and we were expected to work on board as only by doing that you learn . 

After around one hour of assembling the main main sail and etc we started our journey . Unfortunately there's not much wind but we manage to cruise slowly from pulau indah to port klang . Along the way , the captain taught us a few basic knot which were essential for sailing . The journey took us 4 hours to pulau indah and all of us took turn manning different function of the yacht . From zero knowledge on sailing we did learn a lot from this trip , enough knowledge to be able to explain to my kids how sailboat works and a bragging right of " been there and done that". 

My Bucket list

Wowww!!! it had been two years since i last updated my blog . Nothing had changed , still passionate about travelling , food and seeking new adventure . Off late , i had created a bucket list and life suddenly become more exciting!!. The adrenalin rush and the feeling of self accomplishment whenever i manage to tick a listing in my bucket list is indescribable . How i wish i could start this earlier but better late than never . 

The list is not static , it kept on expanding from the initial 4 to the present number.Working life had been boring and dull , lucky i have my bucket list to restore back the yin and yang in my life , yyyeeeaaaa!!!!!!.

i'm happy to say that i had done 30% of the item.

Here we go.........

volunteerworks for the needy
volunteerworks at zoo negara
cycling to pd
cycling to penang/taiping
learn scuba diving
kayak *12
kayak in taman negara
diving with sharks
learn how to sail
learn dolphin kick freediving
gunung kinabalu
1.5 km swim
travel to lhasa
trekking in himalaya
visit  pyramid of giza
learn third language
take a long cruise
alaskan king crab
egyptian museum
african safari
fly a single engine aircraft
penang bridge run
perth to sydney train ride
ramadhan in medan
learn to ski
join coral propagation program
ride a helicopter
visit portugal
advanced diving
go to artic circle
travel to canada
ballon ride over bagan
japan okinawa aquarium-jetstar
drive a tank in brisbane
visit niagara falls
diving in pulau layang2
diving great barrier reef
diving whale shark
take a horseriding lesson
driving trans europe
take rescue diver course
take advance diver course
take up uw photography course
diving sipadan
diving LOB
enter photo competition